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Top 3 Galaxy Note 8 business accessories

The Galaxy Note 8 isn’t even 24 hours old and already the web is full of articles about the latest device, including ours.

However, when it comes to using, probably one of, the best devices for productivity currently available on the market ensuring your device looks as good as you do is a priority.

We’ve looked over a range of articles showcasing some of the best accessories coming onto the market to complement this device.  Below we’ve compiled a short list of just some of the accessories you need to get to complement you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LED View Cover Case (Black)

Available from: £59.99

It’s coming to the big presentation, you’re looking sharp, fresh suit, new shoes and more importantly your brand new Galaxy Note 8.

However, your smartphone is missing something, it’s very own skin that reflects your personality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LED View Cover Case is a sleek dot matrix retro notification design case with an integrated credit card slot and provides comprehensive protection for the smartphone and screen, whilst looking great.

The premium cover has been designed to wake up your smartphone’s display upon opening the cover and turn it off again on close. Preserving your battery life.

The edge coating around the case gives it a premium finish that comes from buying an official Samsung product and benefits the user by providing an enhanced grip.

Tech Armor Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector

Available from £14.99

Let’s be honest no matter how careful you’re going to be with your new smartphone bumps and scratches are a part of everyday life.

However, fortunately Tech Armor is a company that will do its best to ensure your screen stays as crack and scratch free as possible thanks to its all new Ballistic Glass screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8.

This new screen protector boasts full protection from curve to curve and has been specially designed using heat bending technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 DeX station 

Available from £99.99

Leave the laptop at home, no seriously do leave the laptop at home.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 DeX you can transform your smartphone into a fully customised desktop PC.

Simply plug your Galaxy Note 8 into the lightweight , durable dock and then connect the dock to a display, add in a keyboard and mouse either via a USB or Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Making the DeX station perfect if you’re giving a presentation on the go.

Thanks to its simple plug and play capabilities there is no need to get exasperated with additional drivers, software or any hardware, just a monitor and you really are good to go.

If you’re concerned that you won’t get on with the interface, fear not, the Galaxy Note 8 DeX station has been designed around users that have experience of using a typical desktop operating system (Windows/Mac OS or even Linux).

The built-in cooling fan ensures your smartphone does not over heat and keeps your device running at the desired speed.

Bluetooth integration as standard allowing you to add further accessories to the DeX station.  You will also find that the device will also charge your smartphone allowing you to stay connected for longer.

Finally, for those who love WiFi or hate it, the dock also comes with an Ethernet Port enabling you to carry out a wired connection directly from your router to the DeX station.  You can also expect compatibility with HDMI displays.