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Samsung delivers a fast and smarter experience with the Samsung Z4

Back in May, yes we’re a little behind the times, Samsung announced the faster, smarter and simpler user experience of the Samsung Z4. Unlike some of its flagship smartphones that all run on Android OS, the Samsung Z4 is an expansion of the Tizen ecosystem and combines all the speed of a 4G smartphone with essential features and a simplified user experience.

All about the camera

Equipped with both a front and rear facing cameras that has been specifically optimised for use with social media.  Both cameras measure 5-megapixels in quality and the front camera includes an F2.2 lens, LED flash and a whole host of camera modes for the user to choose from.

Whilst the rear 5-megapixel facing camera comes with a dual LED flash allowing users to take the perfect crisp shot even if the subject is far away.

Along side its impressive camera the Samsung Z4 brings with it 4G LTE, VoLTE and VoWifi capabilities meaning the Samsung Z4 offers impressive and faster networking capabilities.

Speaking at the announcement of the Samsung Z4, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electonics said:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with devices that offer smarter mobile interactions.  The Samsung Z4 brings a simplified mobile experience to first time smartphone users and represents our ongoing commitment to expanding the Tizen ecosystem.

Productivity and Convenience

The Samsung Z4 is by no means the Galaxy 8 or 8+, but it does have some pretty impressive features.

Including the ability for users to use a combination of both physical buttons or swiping screens to create shortcuts that launch convenient features including Quick Talk, Quick Torch, Quick Launch of a camera or Quick Switch without having to return to the home screen.  An example of this would be the users ability to launch QuickTalk which will launch a set of shortcuts that have been localised by the region. These applications include Alarm, Call, Music or simply through voice activated commands.

You will also find the battery, for first time smartphone users, to be an impressive one and the actual smartphone itself offers efficient battery management features for extended use including Battery Notification and Power Planner.  Battery Notification, kind of does what it says on the tin, it allows the user to set customised notifications so they can be alerted when the remaining battery drops below a certain level.

Power Planner gives the user the capability to pick from three different levels to manage their long-term battery use.  Depending on the level Power Planner will adjust the device’s configuration accordingly to maximise battery life.

Refined Design

Finally, and for the first time on the Z series we’re seeing an impressive 2.5D curved glass for comfortable one-handed grip so you can easily take those selfies or multi-task on the go.  The 4.5″ display provides an impressive viewing experience and against an all black bezel you really do get a polished look and feel.

Overall the Samsung Z4 is a perfect blend of modern design and functionality.

Launch of the Samsung Z4 in the UK is unknown at the moment, however it was launched in selected countries including India in May.  It was also displayed a the Tizen Developer Conference.