Jargon Buster

Each year a new phone comes out, each year a new operating system is launched, and throughout the entire year companies are shouting about how amazing their operating systems are… first of all what’s an operating system??  Ice Cream Sandwich??  What’s an iOS???  We’re all struggling to keep up with the forever changing terminology of technology… what’s the solution??

Google?? Wikipedia??  – or how about this simple, handy Jargon Buster…

Let’s get started:

Operating System

An operating system is a mobile phones core system it’s what makes the phone work and of course a few other handy bits and bobs.


In a lot of cases mobile phones, run applications… you may have seen these on TV like Angry Birds, News, Ebay etc.  An app is very similar to a website, program or an application that you get on your computer. You can play games, write documents, check your facebook status there is an app for near on everything…

Apps are common on Operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Android is a free open source mobile operating system it is commonly used on smartphones provided by HTC, LG and Samsung.   Android was written and developed by the search engine giant Google.





iOS was written and designed by Apple, the manufacturers of the iMac, iPad, iPod and of course iPhone.   iOS provides the same amount of functionality as that of an Android operating system and in fact Android can sometimes offer you more in terms of app choice.



Windows Mobile OS


Microsoft have also jumped on the operating system band wagon with the adaptation of the Windows Mobile OS.  Being Microsoft they have made a lot of major changes, it’s far less buggy and you can get live feeds from Facebook and Twitter etc, Windows Mobile OS has recently launched its own app market – where you can extend the applications of your Windows Mobile.

BlackBerry OS

One of the oldest smartphones available, the BlackBerry has been around since the 1990s, the phones are reliable and they can do a lot of the things that an iPhone and Android can do… and they are slowly but surely getting better…


A Smartphone is essentially a pocket computer, you can call, text, instant message, connect to the internet, play games and a whole lot more.  Smart Phones is a modern term for a mobile phone – that packs a lot more kick than just a text and calling device.

Our jargon buster isn’t completed and we’ll be adding terms to it continuously so it might be worth coming back to this post and/or page to see the latest new terms..