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E3 Mobile Blog Update – August 2017

It’s been quite some time since we last posted on our blog and it is surprising to see that people are still visiting us and checking out some of the variety of articles that we have to offer.

We’re looking to bring back the E3 Mobile blog, with postings taking place at least twice per week on a Tuesday and a Thursday building up to the launch of our new online store.

We figured we’d get the reviving of our old blog off to a flying start by posting a round up of the latest blog posts that you have been reading whilst we’ve been inactive.

  1. Relation between games and studiesĀ 
  2. Yeah, BlackBerry is coming back
  3. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
  4. Dropping the e3 for ethree
  5. Introducing the Applie iPhone SE
  6. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note S7
  7. Introducing BlackBerry Priv
  8. Like a G6, like a G6, introducing the LG G6
  9. No phones but a surge in tablets and VR for Samsung
  10. Sony Xperia diagnostics app
  11. Apple announces iPhone 6s and more
  12. iPhone 5C official promotional video
  13. E3 Mobile blog round up May 2016
  14. E3 Mobile store refit
  15. Happy New Year 2017

That about covers the post for today, don’t forget we’ll be posting on a Tuesday and Thursday from next week, 14th August 2017, as ever you can stay up to date with the latest news by joining us on social media.