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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung have unveiled the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at an event in New York.  We take a look at all the features, and the need to knows bout this latest smartphone to be released from Samsung Mobile.

Galaxy Note 7 – Design

The very first thing you will notice about the Galaxy Note 7 is it is a slimmer and trimmer version of the Galaxy Note 5 and brings a 5.7″ AMOLED display to the palm of your hand.  What’s more the display has curved on both sides of the smartphone making it a more emmersive experience.  You will also find that there is no longer a flat version of the phone, as there was with the launch of the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Note 7 is also the very first Galaxy Note smartphone to be given an IP68 water and dust resisant certification.  This will provide you with limited protection but we certainly wouldn’t recommend you take the smartphone for a dive in deep water anytime soon.

You will find the range of colours that the Galaxy Note 7 is available in more than acceptable, available in Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, Gold and Coral Blue.  Although the smartphone will be available in these colours it is worth mentioning you may need to shop around as some colours will be exclusive to providers and shops.

Besides its large sized the unique part of the Note has always been the S Pen that accompanies and compliments the device.  The latest version of the S Pen comes complete with a whole range of new and impressive features including the ability to magnify images and text, translate signs or documents and you can even quickly make gifs from video. Potentially a redundant feature is the S Pen being water resistant which is great if your conference room is underwater but not so good if it isn’t.  The S Pen nib is also more slimmer than previous designs giving it a more natural feel.

You will also notice a new addition to the Galaxy Note 7 in the form of the iris scanner which is situated at the top of the device.  This can be used to unlock and even unlocked content that you have locked away for your own use. What’s more you will even be able to use it to authorise Samsung Pay transactions, although this feature is not yet available.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 7 features the USB-C connectivity allowing you to leave the laptop at home and giving you faster file transfer and charging capabilities.


Tech stuff

Underneath all the beautifully designer exterior of the Galaxy Note 7 comes with Samsung’s very own Exynos 8893 octa-core processor.  Backed up by an impressive 4GB RAM and 64GB of on board stroage giving you plenty of room for photos, selfies and for playing high intensity games.

Battery life has remained the same, which is a bit of a disappointment.  However the at 3,500mAh, will keep you gaming and connected for longer.



The camera on board the Galaxy Note 7 is the same 12 mega pixel camera rear sensor. Which allows for greater picture quality even in low light conditions.  Complete with dual pixel technology which allows for more rapid and greater focus.


Operating System

The Galaxy Note 7 comes complete with Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed and a promise of this being updated to the latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Of course Samsung made some of their own amendments to the Android 6.0 operating system all of which have made the user experience a better one.  These enhancements include full-screen gaming, live streaming, an advanced camera application and Samsung Notes.


Accessories for the Galaxy Note 7

As with any release, no new smartphone would be complete without a range of accessories.  We’ll be adding a whole range of new accessories for the Note 7 to our website over the coming weeks.

Release Date and Pricing

The Galaxy Note 7 will be available from the August 19th 2016 and is expected to retail at £749.99 SIM Free in the UK and will be available in Black Onyx

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HTC 10 to be revealed on April 12th

HTC 10

HTC is about to unveiled its new HTC 10 smartphone.

One of the major contenders in the smartphone market that has risen to fame over the past few years, HTC, has been somewhat quiet. However all that is about to change this month as HTC plans to unveil its latest flagship smartphone in the form of the HTC 10 on April 12th, in just one weeks time.  The HTC 10 is first true successor to the HTC One M9.

According to the various rumours circulating the inter web which were posted in early March. The M10 will include a physical home button, similar to what a lot of the iPhone lovers have come to know and love.  A large bevelled edge and an aluminium design that doesn’t include the dual front facing speakers that we have come to associate HTC smartphones with.

Underneath the hood on this smartphone we can expect to see a 5.2 inch QHD phoe and will run the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and HTC’s regular Sense user interface (UI).

What will set the HTC 10 above its competitors, according to rumours, is its 12 megapixel UltraPixel 2 rear camera which is equipped with laser, yes we did say laser, autofocus system and OIS-enabled f/1.8 lens. The second feature that will set this smartphone apart from the competition is the Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB of storage plus a MicroSD slot and even USB-C charging.

The HTC 10 Press Event

HTC 10 Press Event

HTC has been through some difficult times over the past few years, what were once periods of strong growth have gone to losses amidst rapid dying sales.  This reduction in sales is mainly down to competition from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Lenovo.  However at this event it is expected that HTC will show that they still have what it takes to produce a world class and Android powered smartphone.

Certainly their silence over the past few months could be proof that they have avoided direct competition with Samsung and LG in order to ensure the HTC 10 sticks with us.

However, it is not all rough seas, in the midst of calm it has been reported that HTC and Google are once again working together on the impressive Nexus program.  HTC has also moved into new markets in the form of the HTC Vive a virtual reality headset that has already received some excellent reviews and should help keep HTC a float once it goes on sale in April.

We love the sound of the HTC 10 and it may help HTC recover and turn around the past few dark months. The phone, will need to blow the minds of users, be well advertised and not too pricey, question is can HTC do it?  What are your thoughts?

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Samsung unveil the new Galaxy S7 Edge & S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

MWC 2016 has kicked off in Barcelona and already it has been filled with the latest hot tech and gadgets from the industry.  Samsung was the very first tech company to unveil its hand, a day early, and the new device came as no surprise and arrived in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone.  The new smartphone features a more advanced camera, streamlined software functionality and unparalleled connectivity to a plethora of galaxy products, services and experiences.


Galaxy S7 Edge Redefined

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were massive leaps up from the Galaxy S5, however this year Samsung has gone for more subtle changes.  The one major difference you will notice right away is the missing bulge on the back of the smartphone, the fingerprint scanner has also been scaled back and overall the smartphone looks and feels and a lot more curvaceous.

The Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified which means that it is both waterproof and dust proof.  You will also find that the USB and Headphone ports are sealed.  Both the S7 and S7 Edge are beautifully designed and the S7 features a 5.1″ display whilst the S7 Edge gives you an extra 0.4 inches coming in at 5.5″.

Whilst we are on the topic of screens both devices retain their 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display and glossy gorilla glass which brings us onto the devices next impressive features, under the bonnet.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Under the hood hardware

This is where most of the changes to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have taken place.  You will find a whole host of new and impressive hardware starting with the processor which is an Snapdragon 820 octa-core processor supported by a generous 4GB of RAM and an whopping 32GB of internal storage.  The internal storage can be expanded, which will come as a relief to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge looking to upgrade to the latest smartphone, via its MicroSD slot.

The smartphone has also retained its its wireless and fast charging capabilities of its predecessor but the batteries are now much larger around 3,000mAh for the S7 and 3,600mAh for the S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 Edge

A more advanced camera

One of the more outstanding features of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphone is its camera. Although the number of pixels has dropped, 12 megapixels down from 16 megapixels, it is the size of the pixels that has been increased that makes the quality of the pictures taken a whole lot better in low lighting situations.

The lens on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has had an upgrade  from the S6 and this comes in the form of an f/1.7 aperture lens which allows up to 25% more light and the shape of the sensor has also been redefined from 16:9 to a more traditional 4.3 aspect ratio.

What’s more it is the cameras ability to rapidly focus on more objects that really sets this smartphone apart from the rest.  It is capable of launching and then focusing on objects quicker than the Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S Plus

Galaxy S7 Edge

Android 6.0 

The operating system on board the new Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 smartphone comes in the form of Android Marshmallow and Samsung’s very own Touchwiz interface.  Similar to its predecessor the user interface is a fairly light experience with the stand out feature coming in the form of the date, time and notifications being permanently on display, this display will only turn off if the proximity feature detects that it is either in your pocket or bag.  The interesting part of this feature is its ability to only use only 0.5% per hour of the total battery, a minuscule price to pay for a great little feature.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphone are available to pre-order now.  Customers who do decide to pre-order theirs will get them on the 8th March 2016 everyone else will get them on the 11th March 2016. The S7 smartphone will be available at a cost of £568.98 and the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone will be at a cost of £644.99.  You will also find the new smartphone available on contract, but do expect to pay a premium of £50-60 up front and then £40 per month there after for either a Black or Gold model.

What are your thoughts on the new Galaxy S7 Smartphone?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Samsung announces first eSim Gear S2 Classic

eSIM Galaxy Gear Classic S2

Last year a lot of the major electronics company announced that they were working on an all digital SIM also called an eSIM.  The concept behind the new SIM standard is that it allows the device to switch between mobile carriers without having to replace the actual SIM card inside the device.  What’s more the size of the new SIM card is up to 90% smaller than nano SIM cards.  This week electronics giant Samsung announced that its new smartwatch the Galaxy Gear S2 Classic will come with the all new eSIM upgrade when comes into market sometime in March.

eSIM support shown by major mobile carriers

In its press release Samsung mentions various mobile carriers including Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone with more carriers set to sign up to the new standard in the coming years.  The new eSIM standard has also been designed with a range of popular hardware providers in mind including Microsoft, Huawei and LG, note how Apple is not mentioned, however the tech giant has mentioned that it is working on similar reprogrammable SIM cards.

eSIM Galaxy Gear S2 Classic

Speaking at the announcement, Senior Vice President of R&D Office, Yunsang Park said:

At Samsung, we aim to meet and anticipate consumers´ needs and the development of the first GSMA-compliant eSIM is further example of our pursuit of meaningful innovation.  We are excited to introduce Samsung Gear S2 3G classic as not only a starting point for more devices to be connected globally, but as a step forward in our commitment to support the development of the IoT market

The current eSIM standard is a rather simplified version, however we expect to have the full standard sometime in June 2016.  Allowing smartphone manufacturers to launch eSIM orientated smartphones towards the latter end of 2016.

What do you think of the new eSIMs?  Let us know in the comments below.

Shop for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic

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New Mozo Lumia 650 cases coming soon

The Lumia 650 was announced this week, and it looks like a reasonable budget smartphone for its class and for any businessman or woman.  If you’re thinking of picking one up, you are going to need to give your new smartphone some form of protection from scratches, bumps and knocks.  As well as stocking the new Lumia 650 smartphone we also have a range of Mozo cases, which we take a look at in this article.

Mozo Glam Case

Mozo Glam Case in Gold Mozo Glam Case in Silver

For those of you who are addicted to bling, shiny stuff, the Glam Case is truly luxurious with a very attractive low price tag.  The Glam case provides back protection for the device but is entirely transparent allowing you to see the back of the Lumia 650.  The sides of the Glam case are fitted with bumpers giving your smartphone some protection on the sides which help absorb knocks and falls.

Mozo Leather-Style Flip Cover

Mozo Back Cover Case in CognacMozo Back Cover Case in Black

Of the 3 cases, I have to say that the Leather-Style Flip Cover is one of my personal favourites.  The flip cover is a classic providing complete all round protection for the phone, it looks stylish and with a leather look and feel it is certainly set to compliment your smartphone.  The flip cover completely replaces the back cover of the Lumia 650 smartphone and inside it even has NFC enabled technology and internal credit card slots making it perfect for both your phone and as a temporary wallet.

All in all I think the case makes your smartphone look the business and is a fashionable and practical option.

Mozo Back Cover Case

Mozo Back Cover Case in Sand WoodMozo Back Cover Case in Black Golf

The Mozo Back Cover case was another case that I really liked the look of, the Back Cover Case totally replaces the current back cover but leaves the aluminium sides of the Lumia 650 fully exposed but adding a new look to the rear of the smartphone.  These cases are available in both Soft Wood and Black variants, both of which make the Lumia 650 look awesome.  One of the downsides of the Back Cover case is there is less protection compared to some of its peers.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look over this article, let us know what you think of this range of cases for the Lumia 650 in the comments below.  You can also find us on twitter @ethreemobile

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LG Introduces X cam and X screen a mid-range smartphone


With this week being the run up to the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016 in Barcelona we have seen a couple of new devices already being announced.  LG, this week announced the release of two new smartphones called the X cam and X screen.  The announcement comes ahead of its announcement of their new G5 flagship smartphone.

The new LG smartphones are part of a whole new range from LG and are driven towards the mid-range smartphone market with a slight difference.  That difference comes in the form of a flagship grade feature, essentially premium features without the premium price.  What’s more impressive is they have given us a bit of a flavour as to what the new LG G5 smartphone will look like.

From the names you can probably already tell that the X cam variant will feature a flagship grade camera system.  On the flip side is the X screen is fitted with same news ticker that we saw on last years V10 model and is set to make an appearance on the new G5.

LG X cam

X cam

Of the two devices the X cam is probably the device that has got us most excited.  The phone comes with two cameras, nothing unusual there, however both cameras feature on the back of the device, a 13 mega pixel sensor and the other has a 5 mega pixel sensor.  The smaller of the two cameras is likely to be used for recording the depth information allowing for some modes not previously possible with a single larger lens.

We will learn more about this new feature when the G5 smartphone makes its appearance but for now the technology and the colour has us intrigued .

X screen

The second of the two phones, the X screen, is the second smartphone to come with the secondary ticker display after the V10.  This ticker comes in the form of a small silver screen that appears just above the main display.  Allowing you to access the time and other data including notifications.  The ticker also houses controls and additional information whilst the main screen is on.

This feature is kind of a half way bolt on between the Samsung Edge display and the Motorola Ambient Display.  It will be interesting to see whether the G5 will also carry the ticker concept through.

LG X screen

X Specs

Both phones share very similar to specifications.  Both devices features 2GB of RAM, have 16GB of storage with a MicroSD card to help increase this storage allowance.  Both of the devices have a 13 megapixel camera rear cameras and a 8 mega pixel camera with a wide angle lens for selfies and the like. Both X phones come with LTE support for quick connectivity and the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating system and are measured at around 7mm thick.

There is, however some difference between the devices.  The first of these is the screen measure at 4.93″ 720p for the X screen and 5.2″ 1080p for the X cam.  The two smartphones vary on the processor frontier as well with the X screen featuring a 1.14GHz octa-core and a 1.2GHz quad-core for the X cam.  The exact brand of processor has not been specified however Qualcomm would be a good assumption.  The two phone also differ on the battery frontier with the X cam getting a larger 2520mAh battery compared to the X screen with a 2300mAh.


Two great new smartphones from LG during the run up to MWC2016 in Barcelona.  With both smartphones potentially being a prototype of the new G5 smartphone it is interesting to see how it is all coming together  With all the new features that are being brought to the table by the G5 and the Galaxy S7 the battle for the flagship spot will certainly be an interesting one.

As always let us know what you think of these two new devices in the comments below.


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Leaked Galaxy S7 video advert shows off new features

Is this the Galaxy S7?

With MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016 less than 5 days away Samsung Indonesia has shown off, potentially by accident, some of the cool features of the Galaxy S7 smartphone.   The advertisement tagged #TheNextGalaxy features Indonesian Archer Dellie Threesyadinda training and using some of the new and impressive features on an unnamed Samsung phone.

The phone, although unnamed, strongly reflects the design of the Galaxy S6 and it is thought that the S7 will not differ to much from the original design.

Threesyadinda is shown in the video happily using the unnamed smartphone in a pretty heavy downpour suggesting that the new rumoured device will be waterproof.  The device has also been shown using a wireless charging pad.

Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging?

On their website, Samsung have provided further information about this unnamed device  Galaxy S7 Waterproof?

Luckily with MWC2016 being less than 5 days away we don’t have long to wait until the unnamed device is officially unveiled.  Samsung is set to introduce the new device on the 21st February 2016 at 6pm, and we can’t wait to see some of the new features.

What are your thoughts on this unnamed device?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source The Verge

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Priv by BlackBerry – Key Features

Priv is the latest smartphone to be announce by BlackBerry and in this short video we have taken a look at some of its key features.  What’s impressive with this latest addition to the BlackBerry portfolio is the fact that it is the first BlackBerry smartphone to feature an Android powered operating system.

This latest addition brings with it a whole new host of features including an all new Android experience with BlackBerry Hub providing you with all your messages in one easy location.You will also find Pop-up Widgets provide you with fast and private access to all your widgets with a single swipe.

Priv, mobile security in the palm of your hands.

A dual curve 5.6 Quad HD display with both physical and onscreen keyboards to help with typing.  An impressive 22.5 battery life ensuring your never without power.  An 18MP camera brings your photos to life and provides you with crystal clear imagery.

Priv is the latest smartphone from BlackBerry with a bit of a difference.  This latest smartphone from BlackBerry is powered by a heavily amended and secured version of the Android operating system.  Essentially it’s a BlackBerry with Android but with the security and privacy you would expect from a BlackBerry OS powered smartphone.

Find out more about the Blackberry Priv here:

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Introducing the BlackBerry Priv

Welcome to BlackBerry’s first Android powered smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv.

One of the worlds cutting edge smartphone providers that has seen massive reductions in the take up of their devices over the past few years.  However, the BlackBerry Priv could well be the smartphone that BlackBerry use to win back a lot of its former customers.

Setting the bar for Android Security. 

The Priv’s user interface is simply beautiful and under the hood BlackBerry has done a lot of work to ensure that Android’s security and privacy features are heightened.  Including patented picture-login type security, representing the best combination of security strength available on a smartphone to date.

Starting with the BlackBerry’s very own Instant Messaging service, BBM, which has served millions of messages worldwide and offers both security and productivity features like no other.  There are no back doors on the BlackBerry Priv and innumerable third party options from Google Play as well as the BlackBerry Store allow for easy collaboration and is particularly aimed at business users.  Applications such as WatchDox for private file sharing, BBM Meetings, for private conferences and SecuSuite for private voice calls.  A whole host of security has been embedded into BBM from certified cryptographers at BalckBerry Certicom.

At its very core, BlackBerry has built privacy monitoring into the device which provides users with feedback and control on how applications are running and making use of security resources.  This includes an impressive and exclusive DTEK by BlackBerry warning system app as well as other features.  Privacy health is communicated in a simple and elegant manner, resulting in confidence instead of complexity.

What’s more Android Privacy and Security features is about much more than just the device. BlackBerry has been renowned for its ability to deliver secure incident response and research teams which offer nation-state level sophisticated vulnerability assessment that helps us find and fix problems before they impact the users ability to use their smartphone.  Android is a complex, rapidly changing, massively popular, open source product which makes it an attractive target for hackers.  As such BlackBerry’s response is the development of the BlackBerry Vulnerability patch program which is second to none in the industry.

BlackBerry Securing the Android Platform

All the goodness of Android with the Security of a BlackBerry

  • BlackBerry’s Hardware Root of Trust, a manufacturing process that uniquely injects cryptographic keys into the devices very hardware components and provides a secure foundation for the entire platform.
  • Verified Boot and Secure Bootchain, which ensures the embedded keys are verified at every layer of the device from Hardware to OS to applications ensuring that they haven’t been tampered with.
  • A hardened and tested Linux Kernel with numerous patches and configuration changes to heighten security.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant full disk encryption by default to protect your privacy.
  • The whole infrastructure on the BlackBerry Priv is a secure distributed global network that transmits petabytes of encrypted data to and from the worlds most powerful leaders and professionals.
  • BES12 (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) is the leading Enterprise Mobile Management platform used by some of the worlds most powerful governments and corporations,

Sandbox Protection 

Priv Integrates seamlessly with Android for Work and provides you with a secure separation between your work life and your private life.  Personal space allows you to download apps and protects your personal privacy, while Work Space lets the enterprise secure its corporate data.

Safeguarding your Privacy

The Priv comes pre-installed with the new BlackBerry DTEK application which is designed to hep you manage and protect your privacy.  DTEK informs you as to which apps access your personal data and shows the overall security of your device based on numerous factors including the strength of your password, encryption settings and the applications install.  DTEK even makes recommendations on how you can improve the overall security rating of your device.

Work Hard Play Harder

With BlackBerry Priv now having access to Google Play, you will find a whole host of mobile applications.  For the first time ever you can get unlimited access to the entire Android ecosystem giving you access to a whole host of productivity and flexibility tools on the worlds most secure mobile platform.

What’s more IT Administrators will be able to make use of Google Play for Work and deploy enterprise applications.  This allows them to whitelist apps and create a custom catalogue, self-host the APK files and ensure that users cannot download apps to their work space from anywhere else.

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The Lollipop is getting Sweeter

android-5.1-lollipop-updateIt has been near on a year since Google announced the launch of its Lollipop update for Android smartphones.  This year, Google has again announced an update to the Android Operating System in the form of Android 5.1 which improves stability, performance and offers a few near features like support for multiple SIM cards, device protection and high definition (HD) voice on compatiable smartphones.

The benefits of having multiple SIMs are widely familiar however whether you want to share your phone with a family member or just mange your mobile costs the new Android 5.1 update now lets you use more than one SIM card on a device thanks to multiple SIM slots.

When it comes to protecting your device the new 5.1 update allows you to keep your device locked if it has been lost of stolen through your Google Account.  This is expected to be available on most Android phones and tablets that are shipped with Android 5.1 including the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

What’s more the sound of peoples voice on their smartphone is getting clearer, in fact it will be crystal clear thanks to the HD Voice compatability that is being made available on Android 5.1 powered devices like the Nexus 6.

Android 5.1 Lollipop will also provide further enhancements including the ability to join WI-Fi networks and control paired BlueTooth devices straight from your Quick Settings application.