No Phones, but a surge in Tablets and VR for Samsung

Samsung has been under some increasing pressure lately, triggered mainly by the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

When it came to the MWC17 conference in Barcelona this year, Samsung is normally at the spearhead of innovation announcing a new smartphone and the like.

This year, there was no new smartphone announced, however, the company did unveil some pretty clever and fancy gadgetry.

Introducing the Samsung Gear VR

Samsung isn’t new to the VR (Virtual Reality) world, far from it.  However it is new to providing VR with a remote controller expanding the companies virtual reality ecosystem and makes it a lot easier for consumers to enjoy the VR experience via the Gear headset.

The controller has a curved designed, offering convenient and easy to use one-hand control and better motion interaction with minimised head movement.

Making the VR user experience far more comfortable, in addition to this the VR headset provides users with:

  • Secure Grip: Even the most active of games will struggle to loosen the secure grip of the controllers wrist strap.  Allowing the user to continue to enjoy the VR experience without a worry of losing the remote.
  • Easy to use: The controller is easy to use, buttons such as home, volume and back keys are located on the controller giving the user every hing they need in easy reach so they can keep their focus.
  • Motion Input for better VR experience: The touchpad provides a quicker selection and interaction in VR apps, enabling various forms of motion, including the ability to point drag and drop, tilt, shoot and more

The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with all the major Galaxy devices including the Galaxy S7, Edge, Note5, S6, 6 edge+ and S6 edge.

If you want a bigger viewing experience the Gear VR offers 42mm lenses with 101-degree FOV (Field of View) and distortion technology to minimise the effects of motion sickness.  The Gear VR Controller will support both USB and USB Type-C ports with a converter box.

Finally the Gear VR will have a strap on the headset to hold the controller when not in use.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Book and Samsung Galaxy  Tab S3

Both the all new Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab S3 are stylishly designed tablets with powerful computing technology offering a premium mobile experience.

The Galaxy Tab S3

Is perfect for the digital content enthusiasts as well as the gamers out there.

Providing the users with superior video and  gaming experiences along with versatile usage as a productivity tool.

Featuring an impressive 9.7 inch Super AMOLED 4K display with quad-stereo speakers providing you with an immersive video and gaming experience throughout it’s usage.

Under the Bonnet

Under that fabulous display you will find a Vulkan API providing you with superior graphics.

There is also an impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad Core 2.1 5GHz + 1.6Ghz processor, 4GB of  RAM and up to 32GB of storage space which is expandable via microSD up to 250GB.

A USB Type-C connector means that it would be possible to make your display larger when connected to USB-C monitors.


As always you will find that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by an Android 7.0 operating system.

The Galaxy Tab S3 has also had an increase in both it’s battery life and the efficiency of the charger allowing you to do multiple things at once and remained connected for longer.

The S Pen has been enhanced allowing you to be more productive and creative seamlessly.

The Samsung Galaxy Book

Dubbed a game changer in the tablet world taking on the likes of the Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad the Samsung Galaxy Book is designed for professionals who are looking for the enhanced computing power for both work and play.


The Galaxy Book will be available in both a 10.6-inch and a 12-inch models.  Easily transforming from a tablet into a notebook, the Galaxy Book is designed for the on-the-go professionals who are looking for a powerful computing experience without being tied to a desktop.

Under the bonnet

Under the hood of the Galaxy Book 12-inch edition you will find a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, Dual Core 3.1GHz and under the 10.6 version you will find a Intel Core M3 Processor, Dual Core 2.6Ghz powering the device.

On the 10.6 inch version 4GB of RAM are at your disposal providing you with lightning responses to your applications needs and 64/128GB eMMC disk space which is expandable up to 256GB via a microSD.

On the 12.6-inch model you will find 4GB of RAM with 128GB SSD disk space or 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD disk space.  Both variants can have their disk spaces expandable up to 256GB via a microSD.


Both of 10.6 inch and 12-inch Galaxy Book are powered by Windows 10 operating system

With it being powered by MS you will find a version of Office, increasing your productivity and a keyboard that is larger and more tactile with discernible keys so users can comfortable type as they would on a traditional computing device.


Although it will be disappointing for hardened Samsung users that no new smartphones were announced at this years MWC17.

Think the new tablets that have been unveiled by the company certainly make up for it and with a Samsung event planned for 29/03/2017 we can expect to see the next Galaxy being announced by the end of the month.