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E3 Mobile Blog


E3 Mobile Blog is centred around delivering news, reviews and product information from the world of smartphones, tablets and their range of accessories.

We’re working closely with a range of entities to keep ahead of the news and to be one of the best sources of this news for smartphone, tablet and accessory enthusiasts.

Starting out in 2012 our blog contains a whole host of articles from the latest product lines since 2012 all the way through to new innovations from major manufacturers including Samsung, Apple and Sony.

We’re a small and privately owned blog, which is passionate about innovation within the mobile industry and prior to its launch was looking at launching a range of its own smartphones with finger print technology.

This blog is owned and operated by E3 Enterprises Ltd.

Guest Post

We welcome guest bloggers from the mobile communications industry.  Our blog over the past 5 years has generated over 14,000 page views and this is growing on a yearly basis.  You will also find our website doesn’t contain any advertising, our vision is that we want to maintain an ad free blog.

If you’re looking for further information about becoming a guest blogger, take a look at our dedicated guest blogging page for further information.